Innovative Solutions

The saying: “there is always room for improvement” is the base for this segment of Food Design Solutions.

Every process has room for improvement and the key challenge is to identify these “sweetspots” and so optimize the performance and turn them into opportunities.

Having said that and taking into account our decennia of expertise in the processing industry, we have set-up a number of concepts to reduce cost of products produced.

Just to mention a few:

Robotized Quality Assurance
This concept takes, by means of a robotized proces, cooked products from the processing line and checks product core temp/ weight and feed this info into the process software and so is able to adjust continuously the cooking time/temp.
Benefit: In addition to product safety, there is higher product yield, consistent color and reduced energy cost.

Automated Handling of Hot Cooked Products
Cooked products are handled in a „high care „ environment and so need to be handle in a controlled way, from this point on there is no room for (human) error. A robotized loader including a vision system is developed to automaticly load the cooked product into the pack.

Innovative Frikandell/Sausage processing line with reduced Cost of Product Produced.
The key to this system is to automatically load a stable frozen product into the package with a minimum of rejects. The benefits of this continuous concept : minimum rejects, no manual handling of product and packs.  Reducing cost of product produced!!

Process assessment
Analyze existing processes will high light opportunities as a base for:
– future improvements/budget/investment.
– Maximizing existing processes.

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